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Monday, 24 September 2012


This is my personal photo collection taken on 11th FEB 2003

 View from Barek Polis Seria,as seen,old Panggung Marina,Plaza Seria,as well as other shops in the town,
Location at Jalan Sultan Omar Ali,Seria.

An old cinema that has been existed and used since early 1960s.,for the movie-goers and for Seria residents,this the only cinema in Seria,

The only biggest plaza in Seria,as of 11 Feb 2003

There are numerous of Nodding Donkeys in Seria,this is just one of them in Panaga,just near the Panaga Beach


Chung Ching Middle School ,2003,is one of the oldest private school in Seria existed since 1939
The Primary school Located in Jalan Raja Isteri,while Kindergarten & Secondary school located in Jalan Bolkiah.My 4 years old daughter was schooling here at Kindergarten 2 Blue until 2003 we had moved to Bandar.I can remember it well,how fast years gone by.

Here is a brief of history regarding to this school,


Year 1939- Two primary classes. one Headmaster, two teachers
and over 50 students.

 Year 1941- Number of student; more than 100. Second World
War. The school building were boomed down.

Year 1945- Second World War were over. Reform Board of
Director. School rebuilt

Year 1946- School rebuilt; six classrooms, one hall and one
teacher quarter. There were three primary classes.
Number of pupil: over 100.

Year 1950- Number of student: 400 plus. Kindergarden admitted
60 pupils in two classrooms.

Year 1953- Existing primary building completed. area: 1.5 acres.
23 classrooms, 1 hall and 1 dinning room cum kitchen.
Shell company paid school fee and provided transport
for its employees' children.

Year 1954-The government provided free lunch for all
teachers and students. Lower secondary
section established. The school was renamed
as Chung Ching Middle School.

Year 1968- Construction of the school auditorium as secondary
section was started.

Year 1988- The Minister of Education visited on 25th January.
Created a post of deputy principal. Shell company
ceased paying transport allowance for its employees'

Year 1995- Renovated secondary and primary offices; split unit
air-condtioners installed. Renews teacher's quarters in
primary section. Computer lesson was offered at
primary section. 

Year 1998- All the secondary chairs and desks were bough new.

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